About Us

Why choose Clear Skincare Salon?

The approved Clinic of the UK’s No.1 Manufacturer of Laser Equipment

We use only the finest laser equipment from Lynton Lasers Ltd, supplied to us and furthermore incorporating full training for our beauticians by Lynton Clinics in Cheshire. Lynton Lasers Ltd has been manufacturing lasers for over 25 years so you can be confident that their expertise of Laser and IPL technology is most highly regarded. Their experience and the high quality of their laser equipment is recognised within the industry. All treatments offered at Clear Skincare are carefully researched and our staff are both professional and have an empathetic attitude, experts at putting you at your ease and helping you to relax.

Clear Skincare is more than a beauty salon – we specialises in Laser and Intense Pulse Light treatments, as well as other treatments which involve other complementary technologies such as radio-frequency and ultrasound. We aim at all times to deliver safe and effective treatments in a calm and professional environment.

Expert Advice & Consultation

Our ethos is to bring to our clients the best treatments for their specific requirements, treating every client as an individual as no two people are the same. Starting with a personal consultation in a relaxed and private environment, involving an assessment and your bespoke recommendation for treatment, including full disclosure of the final cost of a full course of treatments with no hidden costs. We recommend you take advantage of our free follow-up reviews following your series of treatments, a chance to assess the outcome of your treatment and ensuring your satisfaction.

28a Swan street, Manchester, M4 5JQ