Body Scrub Massage Manchester

Body Scrub massage Northern Quarter Manchester

If your skin is feeling tired and perhaps lacking a healthy glow, the perfect treatment is the Body Scrub Massage where you can enjoy the effects of a full body massage which is relaxing and restoring, plus the invigorating effect of salt or sugar combined with a rich massage oil. or alternatively a mix of sea salt blended with essential oils, to exfoliate the skin. Sometimes called a Salt Glow Massage, a name which in itself gives a clear picture of the effect, as it leaves your body smooth and soft with a glow of healthy radiance.

Described by some as a facial for the complete body as it both hydrates and pares away the dead skin cells which makes your skin appear dull, following the exfoliation a deeply enriching body lotion or cream is smoothed on to keep your skin hydrated. A wonderful massage which will leave you looking, as well as feeling, healthier.

£40 for 1 hour Massage

28a Swan street, Manchester, M4 5JQ