Dull Skin Treatment Manchester

Skin Peels and Facials

• Freshens and revives dead skin cells causing the dullness
• Improves the appearance of fine lines and enhances dehydration
• Reduces un-wanted pigmentation caused by sun damage, also improves acne

Many of us often feel we would like our skin to be more evenly toned, to look fresher and smoother. It is possible that you already have naturally good skin but it would benefit from re-freshening and the simple solution may be a mild peel to reveal a rejuvenated complexion beneath. Other clients may have more problems, conditions that have built up over time and in such cases, after the initial analysis and consultation, a stronger peel may be needed or perhaps a series of peels.

Treatment Summary

Looking through our Treatment Summary helps you have an idea of the basics when it comes skin-tightening facial treatments at the Clinic:

Carried out by our skin experts

Here at theclinic we offer either the gentle – moderate Murad facial peels, this style of facial is relaxing and incorporates a peel plus a shoulder, neck and facial massage; a Hydra-facial for those who require a peel that is a little stronger but also works on repairing the skin and which stimulates collagen; or the Obagi blue peel, a much stronger peel which is performed by our specialist beautician for those needing stronger results. A consultation is essential to see which would be the most appropriate treatment for you.

Please note that we are unable to treat clients who:

• Are pregnant or breastfeeding
• Have a recent suntan whether achieved from artificial or natural sunlight

Peels vary in intensity, a gentle peel requires no down time at all, the deepest, penetrating peel may result in skin shedding over a day or two and so you may think it best to schedule this accordingly.

If you have just had your baby we would ask you to wait until after breast feeding.

Darker skin of either black or Asian ethnicity needs to be treated with particular care, our beauticians will be able to advise you on the type of peel best suited to you.

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