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Foot massage has increasingly become popular over the years. As a matter of fact, its popularity can be traced back to ancient days especially among the soldiers who often maintained the wellbeing of their feet through the use of the therapy. But, it has in the recent years become quite popular among lay people. It is perhaps one of the best means of keeping feet intact even after walking over long distances. Athletes are particularly among the people who predominantly make use of the therapy. But, you can never expect to get the best results if you allow unprofessional foot massage Manchester therapists to handle your feet. For this reason, it is always advisable to rely on Clear Skincare: the leading foot massage therapy provider in all of the UK. There are numerous reasons that make it worth hiring as clearly indicated below.

foot massage manchester

Professionalism; our foot massage therapies are conducted in the most professional manner. All the tools that are used are clean and safe. Further, our therapists always make sure the client is comfortable throughout the course of the sessions. It is also our utmost desire to help our clients understand why we choose certain techniques when massaging the feet. This ensures that they are not startled by any procedures during the course of the sessions.

Highly qualified therapists; foot massage is intricate and should be conducted by highly qualified therapists. For this reason, we always entrust the procedure with the most qualified therapist in the UK. We are one of the few Foot massage Manchestertherapists whose team of laborers always features members that possess exceptional massage therapy credentials.

Use of modern massage therapy tools; foot therapy techniques have evolved quite significantly over the years. They now involve the use of special tools and procedures. Our company has not remained behind in as far as keeping up with the trends is concerned. We boast of some of the most renowned modern foot massage techniques. No wonder we are able to deliver exceptional results.

Adherence to the highest safety standards; we are fully aware of the importance of the feet and are thus willing to do anything within our power to maintain safety during any foot massage therapy sessions.

Unparalleled experience; having been in existence for many years has enabled us to acquire immense experience to carry out foot massage therapies in exceptional fashion. This explains why we are able to command a lot of respect from our competitors across the UK.

£40 for 1 hour Massage

£75 for 2 Hours Massage

£65 for 90 Minutes Massage

£25 for 30 Minutes Massage

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