Hand Massage Manchester

Hand Massage Northern Quarter Manchester

When people think about booking for a relaxing, or indeed a remedial massage, they often think in terms of a back and shoulders massage, or a full body massage, but the hands and the feet are the two most hard working parts of the body and can often be neglected. Even a 30 minute hand massage will quickly restore flexibility, reduce tiredness and strain and give the client a whole sense of relaxation and wellbeing.

As well as being such an efficient and effective method of relaxation massage, this massage will nourish the skin and the nails. It is the easiest quick fix for so many, but especially for those who work at a keyboard all day, or any job which involves repetitive hand movements. Our fine massage oil, with or without the addition of aromatherapy oil, will be the perfect medium to feed your skin and ease and relax tension in the hands, wrists and lower arms. Your therapist will employ different levels of pressure and techniques, initially warming the skin and loosening the muscles and then by stretching, stroking and rubbing work on each joint to release tightness and increase movement. In addition, this form of massage is excellent for those who suffer from poor circulation.

£80 for 1 hour Massage

£50 for 30 Minutes Massage

28a Swan street, Manchester, M4 5JQ