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• Would you like to stop being concerned about excess hair?
• Are you tired of shaving, waxing, tweezing or threading?
• Do you suffer from-growing hairs?

The majority of people find that dealing with unwanted hair, weekly or even monthly is tiresome and doesn’t really present a solution to the problem in the longer term.

The clinic brings the simple and highly effective system of laser hair removal to their clients so you can finally wave goodbye to time-consuming and often messy waxing, tweezing or daily shaving.

Treatment Summary

Take a look at our Treatment Summary for laser hair removal so that you can see how easy it is when it comes to hair removal:

Carried out by our own laser experts

Using the most powerful laser platform in the UK available for beauty therapists – The DEKA Motus!

At the clinic we are able to offer three different permanent hair reduction systems which include laser and IPL, this means that you can be confident that you will receive not only the most suitable treatment for you individually but also the one that is the most effective for your hair type.

This revolutionary new system has been shown to be highly effective on finer hairs, especially on darker skins, which has previously been most difficult. It can even be used on lighter hairs and even on recently tanned skin! We are able to offer treatment for both men and women and for facial and body hair.

Following a course of laser treatments, it is usually necessary to follow up at 4 – 8 weekly intervals following the cycle of hair growth. After treatment, your skin will be left feeling smooth, soft and free from those irritating and often painful in-growing hairs.

Before treatment, hairs on the area to receive laser hair removal must be pre-shaven and then the laser is passed over that area where the pigment in the hairs absorbs the light and this is converted to heat. It is this heat which then kills and destroys the cells of the hair, which means that a new hair will grow out of that follicle again.

This is the question we are asked more often than any other and the news that “Yes it is” is always enthusiastically received! As the cells that make the hair are destroyed it means that a new hair cannot grow out of that follicle, furthermore, the damaged follicle shrinks and may even die.

Of course, laser hair removal cannot treat a follicle that currentlydoes not have a hair in it. If the treatment area has only sparse hairs, for example on the chin, it can be that at this moment in time you may only have 10% of the potential of hair growth. At some point in the future,fresh new hairs in the other 90% of the follicles may begin to grow. This future hair growth was inevitably going to appear in any case and would have addedto the existing growth if you had not previously had it removed. On certain areas of the body where hair growth may develop over the coming years on-going treatment may be required.

There is a variety of reasons why you may have experienced poor results in the past with other systems; the suitability of the hair (was the hair suitable for the treatment); the type of equipment which was used in the past, operator skill, treatment spacing and the appearance of new hair in new follicles (potential hair growth see above).

The majority of people are suitable for laser treatment. The best results are seen with those clients that have a lighter skin tone and darker and heavier hairs. Dark hair responds most readily to treatment because of its high concentration of pigment and a fair skin tone means there is a greater contrast between hair and skin. Both fair hair and thinner hair are traditionally harder to treat, but now at the clinic we have an advanced laser system which has been chosen because of its efficacy at treating these kinds of hairs.

Clients describe the sensation of the treatment in a variety of ways but it is frequently described like the ‘flick of an elastic band’. No anesthetic is required and most people describe the discomfort as only moderate and perfectly tolerable.

Naturally the time involved in each treatment varies as it depends directly on the size of the area involved. For example, a small area such as an upper lip will take approximately 10 minutes, a larger area such as a full leg or full back would last around 90 minutes.

Immediately after laser treatment the skin may be red and the hair follicles could be swollen and raised; this generally subsides within a few hours. Adverse reactions to laser hair removal are rare, but couldexhibit as a small blister or the skin temporarily appearing slightly lighter or darker.

Only hairs that are actively growing at that timeare affected, therefore in order to treat hairs at different times during the natural growth cycle, multiple treatments will be needed.Typically, the average number of treatments required is 8-12, though this does vary from one individual to another. Dependent on the area of the face or body to be treated a repeated session of laser removal is conducted every 4 to 8 weeks until the desirable result is attained.

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Our Laser Hair Removal clients are eligible for our Flexible Payment Options

1. Each session can be paid for on the day
2. By paying for the full course of 4 in advance receive a 20% discount
3. Paying in 3 regular instalments spaced over the duration of the course of treatments and receive 10% discount [ 50% on first treatment, 25% on second and third treatments]
4. Follow up treatments for existing clients qualify for 30% discount on a series of 3 sessions

Full Face Incl Neck £70 £280 £224 Bikini Line incl Perianal £70
Half Face Incl Neck £50 Hollywood incl Perianal £90
Lip £30 Perianal £35
Chin £30 Buttocks £50
Cheeks £30 Half legs top £70
Unibrow £20 Half legs incl feet £70
Forehead £30 Full legs incl feet £110
Sideburns £30 Feet £35
Half Arms incl hands (bottom) £60 PACKAGES
Half Arms incl shoulder (top) £60 Underarm & Bikini £90
Full Arms incl hands/shoulder £90 Underarm & Hollywood £110
Hands £35 Underarm & Half Leg £90
shoulders £35 Underarm & Full Legs £110
Underarms £50 Underarm & Half Arm £80
Chest £60 Underarm & Full Arm £130
Stomach £60 Hollywood & Half Leg £130
Full Front Torso £150 Hollywood & Full Legs £150
Belly Button £25 Half Arms & Half Legs £100
Lower Belly Path £35 Full Legs £150
Nipples £30 Full Arms £150
Full Back £150 Underarm, Hollywood, Half Leg £160
Top Back £75 Hollywood, Half Arm, Half Leg £170
Lower Back £75 Half Face, Hollywood, Half Leg £150
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