Scarring Treatments in Manchester

Scar Treatments and Solution’s

• Does the appearance of your scars feel unsightly to you?
• If you could reduce the appearance of your scars do you feel that your confidence would improve
• Don’t let scars diminish your self-confidence!

Many people have a scar that they would like to be removed. The origin of these scars can be from a surgical operation, acne, skin grafting or from a simple injury to the skin. Treatment of scars can effectively reduce their redness and their overall appearance.

Treatment Summary

Take a look at our Treatment Summary and get an idea of the basics

when it comes to treating scars at the clinic:

We use an award-winning laser

At this clinic we use the award-winning ResurFACE fractional laser system which helps deliver to the client dramatic results for the treatment of scarring with complete skin resurfacing. ResurFACE laser treatment brings a solution to people who have been looking to change and improve the overall appearance and the smoothness of their skin without having to factor in the associated downtime which other, more aggressive, treatments for example a CO2 laser treatment and injectable options may require.

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This award winning ResurFACE treatment works by treating minute sections of the skin, which stimulates significant collagen renewal in the treated area.  The non-affected areas of the skin which surround the scar tissue aid the body’s natural recovery process bringing about dramatic results without significant recovery-time.  As the new collagen cells are replacing the old tissue, the scars are reducing in appearance.

A warm sensation is experienced during treatment which is found by most clients to be very tolerable. During the treatment we also use a skin cooling device which helps reduce the minimal discomfort.

Immediately after treatment the skin will appear red and flushed perhaps for up to a few hours and can feel moderately hot to the touch. As the old skin tissue begins to shed your skin may look more bronzed or tanned for the first few days after treatment. As your skin naturally exfoliates the area may flake in a similar way to having the mild sunburn.

We often advise a series of 3 to 6 treatments for optimal results and following completion of the course the stimulation to the affected area frequently shows the results continue improving for months after treatment. Treatment is carried out every 4 to 6 weeks but your laser clinician will advise the best and most effective frequency during your consultation.

Side effects are rare with this type of scar treatment but could possibly include a small blister which is merely superficial and would heal within  one to two weeks. Some clients report experiencing a slight darkening or lightening of the treated area of skin which is usually temporary and fades over the successive months.

Prices per session

From £195

10% off a course of 3

20% off a course of 5

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