Sports Massage Manchester

Sports Massage Northern Quarter Manchester

Whether you are a cyclist, you prefer a work out in the gym, do the Park Run on a Saturday morning or take part in amateur sport as a means of keeping fit, the chances are that at some point you may suffer a minor injury including muscle strain. Visiting a well experienced and qualified massage therapist can help your recovery.

Whether you are at the stage in your chosen sport or activity of the amateur, the semi-professional or the fully professional athlete you will benefit from a remedial and restorative sports massage from a therapist who deeply understands the human anatomy and the muscles which together form the musculoskeletal system. The massage will address the injury or area of the body affected which may be due to specific damage or to repetitive movements. By working directly and deeply into the affected area re-aligning the fibres of the musculature and connecting tissues. Regular massage sessions will increase flexibility and mobility thereby decreasing the chance of future injury during exercise.

£50 for hour sports massage

£30 for 30 Minutes Massage

28a Swan street, Manchester, M4 5JQ