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Stretch marks are those fine lines which appear on the body from the tissue beneath your skin tearing as a result of rapid growth or over-stretching. Many people have them in fact, they are quite common and are not the cause of any significant medical concerns but are frequently an area of concern to many people.

Treatment Summary

Take a moment to look at our Treatment Summary which helps give you an idea if the basics when it comes to treating stretch marks:

Carried out by our laser experts

The most common areas for stretch marks to appear is on the abdomen or breasts following pregnancy or to the thighs, buttocks and breast areas in adolescents experiencing sudden growth spurts.

Occasionally they are caused by some medical conditions, or the use of certain medications over an extended period of time, which results in their development.

The skin appears flattened and thin with a pink colouration when a stretch mark is developing. Also, the skin can sometimes be itchy and then reddish or purplish lines develop. Over time these lighten to become whitish or flesh-coloured. The stretch marks which occur in adolescents often become less noticeable over time and generally require no treatment.

The award winning ResurFACE treatment works by targeting minute sections of the skin asthe treatment stimulates significant collagen renewal in the area being treated. The surrounding areas of the skin which are not affected then aid the body’s natural recovery process to bring about considerable results without significant recovery time. As the old tissue is replaced by the new collagen cells the stretchmarks reduce in appearance.

A warm sensation is experienced during treatment and the majority of clients find it tolerable, a skin cooling device is also used throughout the treatment helping to reduce discomfort.

Following treatment your skin will appear red and flushed for a matter of a few hours and may feel quite hot to the touch. As the old skin tissue sheds in the natural way your skin may appear lightly bronzed or tanned for just a few days after treatment. Your skin naturally exfoliates and flakes similar to having mild sunburn in the days that follow.

We often advise a series of 3 to 6 treatments for optimal results and clients do report that results often continue improving for some months following treatment. The treatments are carried out every 4 to 6 weeks but your laser clinician will advise you personally on the optimal frequency during your consultation.

Side effects following an award winning ResurFACE treatment are rare but could possibly in some cases include a small blister which is only superficial and will heal within a week or two. Some clients do experience darkening or lightening to the tone of the treated skin, this is usually temporary and fades over the following months.

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