Sun Damage

Over-exposure to the sun, either as a natural source or from sun beds, can result in sun damage to the skin. Brown spots on the skin, such as liver spots or age spots can make the person look older and for cosmetic reasons they may then prefer to have them removed.
Both laser and IPL treatments will give visible results even after just one treatment and a course of treatment will give an improved skin tone and the client will enjoy restored confidence in their appearance.

Sun damage and pigmentation which may be treated include:
• Age spots
• Sun spots
• Liver spots
• Freckles

Treatment Summary

Take a look at our Treatment Summary to give you an idea of the treatment available when it comes to the removal of marks on the skin from sun damage:

Carried out by our laser practitioners

When pigmentation concerns are a result of sun exposure, it can often be treated with a Q-Switch Laser. A simple procedure which will diminish the visible marks skin on hands, face and décolletage which have resulted due to over exposure to the sun or use of sun beds.

With lighter pigmentation of liver spots, age spots, benign lentigos and freckles just one laser session can show considerable improvement and if you opt for IPL treatment, it may be repeated every 4 weeks for a course of 2-4 sessions. However, for sun damage with deeper lying pigmentation, several treatment sessions may be necessary.

The appropriate course of treatment will be assessed at your consultation by one of our fully-qualified practitioners to ensure you receive the most appropriate treatment for your condition.

Most clients describe the experience as a warm, tingling sensation in the area treated during the procedure. The treatment usually takes between 15 to 30 minutes.

Laser treatments are generally scheduled at 6 weekly intervals, but just one session may prove to be sufficient, depending on your individual response and the depth of the pigmentation. IPL treatments may be repeated every 3-4 weeks for a course of 4 sessions.

You may experience a warm, tingling feeling in the area being treated, possibly like the effect of ahot pin prick during the procedure. The treatment usually takes between 15 to 30 minutes.

Immediately following treatment, the treated area initially becomes darker, crusts and peels off over a 1 to 2-week period, which leaves pinkish new skin, this will last for several more weeks. Fading can continue for up to 6 months following treatment with some clients.

We recommend the daily use ofa SPF 30 product available through the clinic which is scientifically proven to benefit your skin; this product is part of the full range of skin care products available here.

Prices start from as little as £75

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