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Clear Skincare Non-Surgical Aesthetics Clinic TERMS & CONDITIONS


The Clear Skincare Clinic offers every client a comprehensive and caring consultation to discuss their unique and individual requirements from a consultant who has been trained by Lynton Clinics in Cheshire. Following this, together with the practitioner, the client then agrees upon a course of treatments if appropriate.

By selecting Lynton Lasers, we believe we have chosen the best possible tools with which to treat a range of skin conditions and unwanted tattoos and scarring. Furthermore, we use only the finest products for cooling and moisturising, including the Ogbagi range and Murad products. To our clientele, we offer highly competitive prices for our treatments whilst never compromising on quality and compassionate care.

Initial consultations with our professional practitioners are free, this being your opportunity to listen to their advice, including all the necessary information that will help you understand how the treatments work, from this basis you will feel able to make an informed choice about how you wish to proceed.


We would urge our clientele whenever possible to keep to their scheduled appointments in order to bring about the best results from your scheduled treatments. If cancellation of an appointment is unavoidable, cancellations may be made by phone, in person by calling at Clear Skincare, or by email at least 48 hours before your scheduled appointment time. Giving us as much notice as possible means that we can maintain our high level of customer service to all of our clientele and the greatest opportunity to reschedule your treatment.

For appointments that are not kept, or are not cancelled at least 48 hours before the booking time and date, we reserve the right to take a cancellation fee and request a deposit for future appointments if two or more previous cancellations have been made.

In respect of late arrival for a treatment or consultation we shall try at all times to accommodate the client, but late arrival may result in a shortened consultation time or the necessity to re-schedule your appointment.

For their convenience, we do remind our clients 48 hours before their appointment. If the client repeatedly arrives more that 15 minutes late for appointments or fails to let us know more that 48 hours in advance of cancellation, we shall note this on the client’s record and request full payment before the next appointment is made. This will help us to make sure that all appointments for all of our clients run on time.


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